Ryah lost her first tooth

// May 28th, 2010 // Family

Today, just now, my youngest daughter lost her first tooth. Exciting times for a four year old. She told me that the tooth fairy is going to bring her a million dollars. Makes me wonder what kind of car she is going to want or what kind of money she is going to need for college. I guess we’ll just have to cross that road when it comes.

Picture of missing tooth

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4 Responses to “Ryah lost her first tooth”

  1. Lisa says:

    How gross, yet precious! Good job Ryah!!! Neil do you remeber when you were little and just kept pulling out your teeth even though they weren’t loose! Hope Ryah takes her time with it. =)

  2. Linda E. says:

    Hi Ryah,

    wow, how exciting losing your first tooth. I hope the tooth fairy brings you some shiny coins or green money. Tell your Mom, Dad and Hannah “Hi”. Love you all,

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